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Ethnolika is a formation of young, talented and educated musicians who combine the traditional folklore sounds with innovatory elements. Drifting through the unlimited world of the folklore of their ethnos, they create compositions which caress the senses of the fans of beautiful folklore music.

Along with Veselka Stambolieva – vocal, the members of the formation are:

Velichka Chausheva – vocal

Aishen Osenska – vocal

Velly Chaushev – mandolin, guitar, musical arrangement and composing

Mustafa Osenski – percussions, synthesizer (electrical piano)

logo_2_borislavBorislav Makakov is a Bulgarian singer. He has a lyric voice with a high range, wide dynamic amplitude and rich ornaments. He is performing songs of different styles and genres but folklore music is in his soul.

As two singer who were brought up with the folklore of the Rodopi mountain, Veselka Stambolieva and Borislav Makakov have set themselves a target to record, regenerate and popularize old, forgotten folklore songs.